Frog Hollow Pond

About Us

Who we are . . .

We're Carolyn and John Bolles and this past November we will have been married for 40 years. We've volunteered with the Boy Scouts of America since our now 31-year-old son was a Tiger Cub in Cub Scouts.

We've looked forward to our vacations in the Caribbean where the water is clear and warm, since our first trip for our 25th Anniversary.


Frog Hollow Pond

How did we come by that name? As with everything else, there is a story involved:

More years ago than we would care to admit (Ok, 42 years) while we were dating, we were driving Carolyn's sister and some of her friends home after they had been performing Christmas Carols. They were 10th graders and taking biology that year. They were discussing class, which had involved the disection of a frog. From the the front seat came the question "Is your love life so bad that you're kissing frogs for dates?"

"Go Kiss a Frog!" was the prompt reply form the backseat.

And we've collected frogs ever since. At first any frog would do, but over the years, we look for that 'special frog' before adding it to the collection.

And as with everything else, the name of a web site had to be special. We liked 'Frog Hollow,' but it was already taken. So where do frogs live . . . in ponds. We added the Pond to Frog Hollow and that's how we got here.

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